This contains the source code documentation of the class DialogicAnimation.


Inherits: Node

Class that can be used to animate portraits. Can be extended to create animations.



voidanimate ( )
voidfinished_one_loop ( )
voidpause ( )
voidresume ( )


signal finished ( )

No description available.

signal finished_once ( )

No description available.

Property Descriptions

var end_position

Set at runtime, will be the position at which to end the animation.

var node

Set at runtime, will be the node to animate.

var orig_pos

Set at runtime. The position the node started at.

var repeats

Used to repeate the animation for a number of times.

var time

Set at runtime, will be the length of the animation.

Method Descriptions

func animate ( ) ⇒ void

To be overridden. Do the actual animating/tweening in here. Use the properties , , , .

func finished_one_loop ( ) ⇒ void

No description available.

func pause ( ) ⇒ void

No description available.

func resume ( ) ⇒ void

No description available.