This contains the source code documentation of the class DialogicNode_TypeSounds.


Inherits: AudioStreamPlayer

Node that allows playing sounds when text characters are revealed. Should be the child of a DialogicNode_DialogText node!



voidload_overwrite ( dictionary: Dictionary )
AudioStream[]load_sounds_from_path ( path: String )


const INTERRUPT = 0

No description available.

const OVERLAP = 1

No description available.

const AWAIT = 2

No description available.

Property Descriptions

var RNG =

No description available.

var base_pitch =

No description available.

var base_volume =

No description available.

var characters_since_last_sound = 0

No description available.

var current_overwrite_data =

No description available.

var enabled = true

Usefull if you want to change the sounds of different node's sounds

var end_sound

A sound to be played as the last sound.

var ignore_characters = " .,"

Characters that don't increase the 'characters_since_last_sound' variable, useful for the space or fullstop

var mode = 0

If true, interrupts the current sound to play a new one

var pitch_variance = 0.0

Allows changing the pitch by a random value from (pitch - pitch_variance) to (pitch + pitch_variance)

var play_every_character = 1

Determines how many characters are between each sound. Default is 1 for playing it every character.

var sounds =

Array of sounds. Will pick a random one each time.

var volume_variance = 0.0

Allows changing the volume by a random value from (volume - volume_variance) to (volume + volume_variance)

Method Descriptions

func load_overwrite ( dictionary: Dictionary ) ⇒ void

No description available.

func load_sounds_from_path ( path: String ) ⇒ AudioStream[]

No description available.